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Virtual Classroom

Virtual Delivery

Virtual learning – this is where a classroom based experience is delivered online, via our virtual classroom/theatre environment.  Instead of a full day in the classroom, we break the session down into bite-size interactions.  Learners can join from any location and participate in the training experience.  Our virtual classroom features break out rooms, drama based learning with our actors & discussions.  We limit time in this environment to around 40 minute sessions to maintain learner engagement.

We use professional actors and specialist trainers to really bring the experience of learning to life.  All learners get free access to our ted HuB platform full of enriching additional content to continue their learning journey with us.

We fully utilise our actors, both live in the virtual classroom or using video content.  This creates an impactful session where learners feel supported, challenged and have fun.  We have created something as close to the real theatre-based classroom as we can and feedback has been really positive.

what ted learners think.

Feedback from our learners and clients about our theatre-based learning, management training and ilm programmes is what drives our business. We actively seek out what went well and areas where we could improve to make the experience even better next time around.