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  • From Readymade Online Courses to Bespoke eLearning

    Our suite of ready-made professional development and compliance courses – ready for you to start straight away! Or we can whip out our ted alteration service and adapt a course to your company’s needs – maybe you want a course to reflect your latest Inclusion policy? Or we can create a couture experience for you, a fully bespoke learning experience to meet you and your learners needs.

  • The Virtual Theatre of Learning

    We fully utilise our actors, either live in the virtual classroom or using video content. This creates an impactful session where learners feel supported, challenged and have fun. We have created something as close to the real theatre-based classroom as we can and feedback has been really positive. With our virtual theatre of learning we can create blended courses – with virtual and digital learning seamlessly stitched together.

  • Free Access to Bitsize Courses

    Our ted Express courses that are your free, personal reference tool – learning in bite-sized chunks. These short, fun guides are a great reference tool for when you need quickly need to get up to speed with something – such as having a brave conversation – before applying knowledge in the workplace.

  • Social Learning

    How your employees can engage knowledge sharing in real-time betweens learners through forums and discussions groups to create a unique collaborative learning environment.

  • Gamification

    How we can How we engage and motivate learners based on their achievements, collection of points and badges, all based on the activity in their learning journey. It can be a fun way to build competition between colleagues and teams.

  • Performance Montoring with Actionable Reporting

    Track your employees’ learning and development with the ted Learning insight and reporting tool. How you can help your employees uncover their potential, and leverage the talent and potential in your future leaders.

  • Hidden

what ted learners think.

Feedback from our learners and clients about our theatre-based learning, management training and ilm programmes is what drives our business. We actively seek out what went well and areas where we could improve to make the experience even better next time around.