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Learning shouldn’t be a one-off event. All our Learners have free access to ted Express bite-size courses covering a wide range of subjects.

ted Express is your personal reference tool – learning in bite-sized chunks. These short, fun guides are a great reference tool for when you need to quickly get up to speed with something – such as having a brave conversation – before applying knowledge in the workplace. 

Bite-sized learning is there for you on-demand, at your point of need. They are short and highly focused on a problem or single topic. They’re also a great introduction to a topic, before delving further with a full course.  

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Communicating with your Hybrid Team

This ted Express bite-sized guide will give you top tips on how to communicate effectively with your hybrid team.

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Being Actively Anti-Discriminatory

This ted Express bite-sized guide will show you how to be actively anti-discriminatory in the workplace.

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Being Part of a Hybrid Team

This ted Express bite-sized course is all about how you can be an awesome hybrid team member.

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Being a Great Virtual Trainer

Do you need a helping hand with being a great trainer when delivering virtually over video conferencing?

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Top Tech Tips for Virtual Trainers

Do you need some guidance on how to keep on top of those technology gremlins when delivering virtually? This ted Express bite-sized course will help you prepare for being a virtual trainer by being in control of technology, and give you tips on how to keep learners audience engaged.

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Unconscious Bias – ted express

Unconscious bias impacts the interactions we have with others and the decisions we make. This ted Express guide will identify how our own bias makes unconscious assumptions, how we can change and be more open as individuals.

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Mental Wellbeing

This ted Express bite-sized course explores the actions we can take to tackle our mental wellbeing.

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Looking After Yourself When Remote Working

This ted Express bite-sized course will help you look after yourself when remote working, so it can be a positive experience.

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Supporting Your Team’s Mental Health

It’s important to look after the mental health of your team, as well as your own. This ted Express bite-sized course will share some tips and guidance on how to do just that.

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Taking Effective Notes

Do you deal with customer calls all day? Finding it tricky to take effective notes? This ted Express bite-sized course is just for you! It will give you the tools you need to take effective notes and stay focused on a call.

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Consciously Inclusive Recruitment

We all want to recruit the best team, don’t we? On this ted Express bite-sized course we’ll look at unconscious bias and give you top tips on how to make sure you consciously think about how to be inclusive when hiring.

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SMART Objectives

SMART is an effective tool that provides the clarity, focus and motivation you need to set goals. This Ted Express course gives you some top tips on how to approach SMART goal setting.

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